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Image: circuit board


  • BookCourier — Featured in the Wall Street Journal (9/9/08, "High Technology for Low Vision"), this portable reading device converts text files to speech and plays audio files as well. We designed, developed, and manufactured this product. Then we sold it to end-users and provided ongoing service and maintenance to our clients. For further details, visit www.bookcourier.com.
  • Blood Glucose Meter — SDI added speech capabilities to an existing consumer product so that a low-vision user could operate it. In the process, we developed a chip set that will speech-enable any consumer product. We're currently looking for other products that would benefit from this technology. Give us a call if you'd like to make your product talk.
  • Optical storage software — We've developed optical storage management software for network servers.
  • Optical disk file system — We've also developed and modified the file system software used in optical disk imaging systems.
  • Image retrieval and display system — The transportation industry used this Microsoft Windows-based system to automate their work flow process.
  • Flash memory management system — SDI developed a flash memory management system and file system.
  • Voice recorder — We developed this 8051-based voice recorder using hardware voice compression and flash memory for storage.
  • Handheld data collection and display device — SDI designed and coded the operating system kernel, display, touch pad, and PCMCIA support drivers for a handheld data collection and display device.
  • Operating Room Camera — We designed and developed the motion control subsystem for this device.
  • Multimedia device drivers — SDI has developed numerous multimedia device drivers for use in speech recognition systems.

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