Springer Design, Inc.

Image: circuit board


At Springer Design we have over 20 years worth of expertise in embedded systems design and development. Here's a sample of the technologies we've used.

  • C/C++ design and development
  • Assembly language development for many processors including 8051 derivatives, 80X86, ARM, ADI Blackfin, Microchip PIC, Renesas M16C
  • USB device and OTG stack design development and integration
  • Audio Codec integration (OGG-Vorbis, MP3, WMA, AMR-WB+)
  • Text-to-speech synthesizers
  • Real time operating systems including CMX, Quadros, ThreadX, QNX, as well as proprietary implementations
  • Solid state memory subsystems (flash file systems including Secure Digital, Multimedia card, Compact Flash, SCSI, ATAPI, NAND Flash and NOR Flash)
  • File systems including FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, NTFS, and proprietary implementations

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